It's September

Enjoy the Playoffs!

Hi gang!

First of all, fill out the 2020 Census, if you haven’t yet.

It’s September and I need to finish my dissertation, so I can graduate with my PhD on time. So, that means that there won’t be any new material on this here newsletter until October since I’ll be hunkering down to work on that this month.

Never fear, this is good!

Researching and writing my dissertation is how I get lots of raw material for the newsletter AND I have a special series coming up in October looking at the greatest almost-upsets in the NBA postseason since the league expanded to 16 playoff clubs.

Basically, which #8 and #7 seeds have come painfully and hilariously close to overthrowing blockbuster #1 and #2 seeds. For example, the 1985 Cleveland Cavaliers, who won just 36 games, nearly defeating the 63-win Boston Celtics. It was a stupidly good series that time has now forgotten.

So look forward to that in addition to the typical fare.

Lastly, since the NBA and WNBA went on strike, people all of a sudden wanted to talk about basketball history and all of a sudden I did more interviews in the last week than I did all of last year.

Talking about the racial and labor history of the NBL, BAA, ABA, and NBA draft systems.

Talking about the 1964 All-Star Game strike, the events leading up to it, and its aftermath.

A sweeping overview of the NBA’s labor and civil rights activism

Until we meet again in your inbox, enjoy the NBA and WNBA seasons/playoffs as well as this great song from Johnnie Taylor.

Earth, Wind & Fire is overplayed anyways…