Thanks for the history! I noticed Porter has Adidas in the first pics and Converse in the last. Any idea what was behind the change in shoes? Was there just a league-wide sponsorship then and the whole league switched to Converse at some point? Or did teams and individual players have sponsorships? Or were there no shoe sponsorships at all and Porter just switched to Converse due to a change in personal preference?

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Skiles record is not only thanks to playing 44 min in a blowout. It was against the worst defensive NBA team of all time, the 1990-91 Nuggets. That team averaged 137 PPG in their first 7 games, an NBA record - and went 0-7 since the opponents averaged 153 PPG.

In a little known preseason game, the Hawks scored 64 on them in a single quarter, 116 in the 2nd half (of course, the Suns scored 107 in a half on them in a real game). Final score was 166-194.

Back to Porter, I even dropped a note to bbref to at least add his 25+ assist games, as games stats prior to 1983-84 are very spotty there. Didn't help much.

Just look at that:


Or at this (sort by assists):


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