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The ProHoopsHistory Newsletter has made it a point to cover interesting topics that escape mainstream outlets like ESPN, The Athletic, SBNation, The Ringer, etc. I have many fine friends who work at those places, but their focus on basketball is (rightfully) the news of the moment, not the history of the game. Even when history comes up over yonder, it’s usually tethered to something happening in the immediate present.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s just a limited scope.

ProHoopsHistory expands the view allowing y’all to step back from the immediacy of now, take a breath, and see all the ways that the basketball present has been influenced and shaped by the past.

In that spirit, I’ve been chronicling the origins of basketball and the first professional league from the 1890s:

New angles on well-known legends and honoring forgotten pioneers:

An ongoing look at the history of Stretch Fours:

And some miscellaneous material that tries to bundle basketball’s breakthroughs, quirks, and mistakes:

For the ensuing months, I’m already in touch with Friends of the Program to do collaborative work on subjects as varied as the history of basketball cards, Jumpin’ Joe Fulks, and the whole wide world of women’s pro basketball.

Of course, I’ve got plenty of other articles on the vision board such as a mob trying to murder a ref in 1900; the origins of the cage; and the Kiki Vandeweghe curse (yes, there’s a Kiki Vandeweghe curse) to name a few.

Oh, plus my Hot Take Factory on which NBA teams stink at retiring jerseys.

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Get 20% off for 1 year

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